Dear Diet Diary #1

26 May 2016 Dear Diet Diary, My husband convinced me today to start talking to the bathroom scale again. We haven’t been on speaking terms for the last couple of months. It has been spreading lies about me. At least that is how I was interpreting the numbers it was […]

Dear Diet Diary, no.1 |

Apartment Spring Cleaning Challenge: Bathrooms

Apt. Spring Cleaning Challenge: Bathrooms

Spring Cleaning The Bathrooms Welcome to the final week of Spring Cleaning Challenge. This week we are going to clean our bathrooms. I have one, and some of you might have more, but we should all be able to clean them in under a week following this plan. Let’s get […]

Apt. Spring Cleaning Challenge: The Kitchen

Spring Cleaning The Kitchen I’m a bit behind schedule so let’s get back to business. This week we are spring cleaning the kitchen. I am going to try to squeeze it into the remaining days of this week and if needed steal a day or two from next week. Kitchen […]

Apartment Spring Cleaning Challenge: The Kitchen

Apartment Spring Cleaning Challenge: Bedrooms

Apt. Spring Cleaning Challenge: Bedrooms

As per last weeks instructions yesterday was day off. A day to relax and enjoy with your family. That is why I postponing this post until today. I didn’t want to burden us with this weeks cleaning tasks on such a beautiful and sunny day. I hope you had a […]

Apartment Spring Cleaning Challenge: Living Area

Living Area Spring Cleaning Change of plans. As Easter is approaching the first area we are going to spring clean will be the living area. That means living room, dining room, family room and any similar room. We have to make them ready for the decorations. Task 1: Ceilings and […]

Apartment Spring Cleaning Challenge- Living Area

Apartment Spring Cleaning Challenge: Clean Cleaning

Apartment Spring Cleaning Challenge: Clean Cleaning

Clean Cleaning! Are you as excited to start cleaning as me? I don’t know what came over me. As I said last week I plan to use environmentally friendly home-made cleaning products this year. Maybe that’s the reason for my new-found love of cleaning. Let’s start the Apartment Spring Cleaning […]

My 20 Before 40 2

I have a confession to make. I got the idea for writing this post from those “# of post ideas” articles. A number of them mentioned “30 by 30 list” posts and that seemed as it could be a lot of fun to write. (Un)fortunately that ship has sailed, I’m […]

My 20 Before 40 -

Apartment Spring Cleaning Challenge 800x800

Apartment Spring Cleaning Challenge

It’s Spring Cleaning Time! As Spring approaches so does the spring cleaning. Some of you might have made a jump-start and are already in the middle of it. I haven’t even begun. It’s part because of my procrastinatis and part because of the weather. It’s still to cold to have […]

Mummy time: 3 Ways to Recharge and Reboot

Mummy time: 3 Ways to Recharge and Reboot   I decided to open another chapter, or if you will another category. I’m calling it Mummy Time. The initial plan was to get everything else in order and then find a little time for myself. I changed my mind. That doesn’t […]

Mummy time: 3 Ways to Recharge and Reboot - Taking some mummy time is essential to regroup, recharge and reboot. -

How To Reorganize Your Time And Life In 3 Easy Steps For Mums 2

…or at least how I plan to reorganize mine When you are a mother there is a great chance that you are considered a personal assistant, a cook, cleaning service provider, tutor, babysitter… by every member of your family. I don’t think it varies much if you are a stay-at-home […]