Dear Diet Diary #5

Dear Diet Diary, no.5 |

8 July 2016

Dear Diet Diary,

To keep saying that I am on a diet would be wrong on so many levels. I am by no measure on a diet, except maybe on a weight gain diet. It is a small wonder I haven’t gained the 3 kg back these past three weeks. I have been doing everything wrong.

All in all this was and wasn’t a successful diet. I didn’t loose all the weight I planned but I do feel better then I did five weeks ago. Let’s revise. The first week I lost 2 kg, the second week 1 kg and the last three week nothing. If you concentrate on the numbers this was not a successful endeavor. On the other hand, I also started the diet because I was feeling heavy and bloated, and I feel a somewhat better know. So, I’m giving this diet a 3 (out of five).

I have been on a variety of different diets in the past and most of them were very successful. I lost the weight I wanted to and kept it off.

These are my 6 diet pearls of wisdom:

  1. Don’t eat like a hobbit. If you do decide to eat six meals a day don’t make them six full meals.
  2. Don’t snack between those six meals. A snack is a meal by itself. If you are going to eat five, six or seven meals a day, all but three should be only snacks. Sensible, planned and deliberate snacks. An apple, a hand full of nuts, a glass of fruit juice (the real kind, not sugar and dye), maybe even A cookie (note the singular), a couple of potato chips (couple meaning two), or a small piece of dark chocolate. These are meant too keep you sane and on track by satisfying the cravings.
  3. Don’t spend most of the time sitting around. Move. You don’t have to exercise if you don’t feel like you can, even though you might feel better and have more energy if you do. Just move. Take a stroll, dust the furniture, dance around the house…
  4. Don’t diet for other people. In order to successfully stick to the diet and reach your goal you have to diet for yourself. Diet for your health, diet so you have more energy to do what you want, diet so you like how you look.
  5. Don’t go too fast. If you see a diet promising a 10 kg weight loss in 14 days run as fast as you can. That is not healthy, can be very dangerous and in the end you will probably gain the weight back faster then you lost it because your body hasn’t had a chance to adapt.
  6. If needed pause and reboot. If you are not in a diet state of mind trying to stick to the diet can make you slip more. This is where I’m at right now. A lot has been happening lately, making me feel overwhelmed. The diet started looking more and more like a chore. If you reach this point you should take a time off to get you mind in order, to remember why you started the diet after all.

Almost a month ago I bought a new bathing suit. Actually I bought two bathing suits, same style but two sizes. I got one that fits and one a size smaller just in case… I returned the bigger one. For now I’m happy with how I look. But just for now šŸ˜‰

That is it for this diet attempt. I’ll see how things go and maybe try again in a few weeks.

Wish me luck!

Love, Kay

Dear Diet Diary, no.5 |


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