Dear Diet Diary #3

Dear Diet Diary, no.3 |

8 June 2016

Dear Diet Diary,

The first week of diet went very well. I lost 2 kg šŸ™‚ In addition I am already feeling a hundred times better. I feel a lot lighter and have more energy. In fact I have enough energy to take the next step in my Life Overhaul Project. I am starting to meal plan and making a big deal out of it. I made a printable meal plan that you can download for free. Just go to the How To Start a Family Meal Plan post and you will find the download link there.

When I was mentally getting ready to go on the diet I planned to do the same thing I usually do. I planned to cut the carbs out completely for the first week and then slowly start introducing the good ones like fruit and whole wheat bread. That meant a whole week of protein and vegetables and I just wasn’t ready for that. That is why I decided not to follow a Diet, but to create my own and just watch what I eat. For now it seems to work. I cut out all bread and soda and am avoiding ice cream to the best of my ability.

Week #2 Tally

Day 1: Eggs as always for breakfast. For lunch I had broccoli cream soup and a spring salad for dinner. Water: 1,8 l

Day 2: Eggs again. I need a break from them. They are great breakfast because of the protein but it is time to change things up. I made chicken noodle soup for lunch and decided to have it again for dinner. Forgot to eat dinner with everything going on. Remembered around 11pm but that is way too late to eat. So, no soup for me šŸ™ Water 1,5 l

Day 3: Oatmeal!!! I don’t know if anyone has ever been as happy as me to eat oatmeal. I guess I should also take into account that I woke up so hungry I almost ate them raw. Had a little pasta with sauce and a cucumber salad for lunch and a banana for dinner. And then around 10pm I discovered a container of whipped cream in the fridge. Do I need to say more? There is about a cup of it less now. Water 0,8 l

Day 4: For breakfast I had high fiber cereal with just a few fried cranberries to cut through the cardboard taste. For lunch we had fish sticks, fries and tomato cucumber salad. Water 1,2 l

Day 5: Cereal and cranberries again. For lunch I made stewed vegetables (Stewed cabbage and carrots with barley) and had some for dinner as well. Water 1,5 l

Day 6: Today was not a diet day. Had a sandwich for breakfast and then we went to my mother-in-laws for lunch. She made gnocchi and cake and I went a bit overboard with both. Anyway, no use crying over spilled milk. Water 1 l

Day 7: After yesterday I needed to get my act together and watch the carbs so I wanted to have eggs for breakfast but as I am trying to start a vegan Wednesday in my household that was a no go. I had an apple and some strawberries instead. I also had to have my morning coffee black because I forgot to buy non-dairy milk šŸ™

Start weight: 68 kg
End weight: 67 kg
Result: -1 kg šŸ™‚

1 kg per week! If I keep this up I’ll be in bikini shape come vacation šŸ™‚

Wish me luck!

Love, Kay

Dear Diet Diary, no.3 |


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