Family Meal Plan

Family Meal Plan |

The Family Meal Plan

Now that I am on a diet for a week my body got a bit of a cleaning from all the junk and sugar I was eating and I finally have the energy and motivation to tackle the next project. I am finally ready to start weekly planning family meals. It’s time for a family meal plan.

Meatless Monday

We as a society eat too much meat. It is not good for our health or for the environment. A lot of the meat we all eat is full of hormones, pesticides and who knows what else. I addition to that the production of meat is taking up valuable natural resources and polluting the planet. That being said I am not yet ready to give up meat. I am not sure if I ever will be.

That is why I am implementing meatless Mondays. There is apparently a whole #meatlessmonday movement that I somehow missed. The movement is present in 36 countries and apparently we even live in one of them. You can find more info at their website:

Locally Vegan Day

Why not take it even one step further. I have a cousin who is vegan and when ever she posts about her meal it looks and sounds great. So I decided that we will be vegan for one day each week. Going vegan isn’t that difficult today with the wide range of foods from all over the world offer to us in stores. So I decided to make it difficult. I want to avoid using supplies shipped from half way around the world. We will be locally vegan for one day of the week. I will try to use only food grown and/or produced in our county, country or if needed continent. Europe is not that big so I decided to drag the line there.

By the way, this is the first time my husband is hearing about this decision of mine. Honey, I promise to make only yummy things.

Fish Day

The third special day I am implementing, inspired by our baby’s doctor, is a fish Friday. When we saw her last she asked how much blue fish we were eating. We had to admit that we hardly ever eat any fish, blue or white. So she “ordered” us to eat more fish. Especially blue fish which is a good source of vitamins A and D and omega-3 fatty acids. As we live in a predominately catholic country where most people eat fish on Friday that is when the fish is the freshest in the stores and at the fish mongers so we are going to join in and have fish on Friday.

International Day

I know this is starting to make me look a bit like Sheldon. But I decided on a fourth designated day of the week. My cooking has become boring in the last few months so to literally spice things up I have decided on an international day. It will be a day when we try a recipe from another country. Each week we will be visiting a different country.

The remaining three days are free-form. At least for now šŸ˜‰ And that concludes our family meal plan.

Wish me luck!


Love, Kay

Family Meal Plan |


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