Up To My Neck In Fig Jam

Not A Fig In Sight We are back on the coast in my aunt and uncles holiday home. Until a couple of years ago my grandmother used to plant a vegetable patch every summer in the garden surrounding the house. Now there are only trees and shrubs. There are three […]

Up To My Neck In Fig Jam - We were in the middle of a fig invasion. Something had to be done, an action had for taken. The decision was made. I was going to make fig jam. | NoMoreDirtyDishes.com

My question is "Does mommy need a glass of wine?" and for that matter "Does daddy need a beer?"

Does Mommy Need A Glass Of Wine? 2

It has been a while since I wrote or published anything. Vacation and life in general got the better of me. Anyway, I never thought that I would be writing about the “Mommy needs a glass of wine” phenomena, topic, controversy, fact or what ever you want to call it […]

Dear Diet Diary #5

8 July 2016 Dear Diet Diary, To keep saying that I am on a diet would be wrong on so many levels. I am by no measure on a diet, except maybe on a weight gain diet. It is a small wonder I haven’t gained the 3 kg back these […]

Dear Diet Diary, no.5 | nomoredirtydishes.com

Addicted To My Smartphone - Not having a working smartphone is like not having working dentures. I can eat, but I bit off more than I can chew. | www.NoMoreDirtyDishes.com

Addicted To My Smartphone 3

Am I Addicted To My Smartphone… It has happened again. My phone is refusing to cooperate. The screen just goes black and I cannot see what I am doing. The frustrating thing is that behind the black screen the phone is working. Then it all goes away and it is […]

Dear Diet Diary #4

15 June 2016 Dear Diet Diary, Last week I lost another kilo making it a total of 3 kg. If I don’t watch my step I’ll gain them back if I continue to eat like this week. For some reason I started the week with chocolate and cookies. And when […]

Dear Diet Diary, no.4 | nomoredirtydishes.com

Dear Diet Diary, no.3 | nomoredirtydishes.com

Dear Diet Diary #3

8 June 2016 Dear Diet Diary, The first week of diet went very well. I lost 2 kg šŸ™‚ In addition I am already feeling a hundred times better. I feel a lot lighter and have more energy. In fact I have enough energy to take the next step in […]

How To Start A Family Meal Plan

Starting a Family Meal Plan There are hundreds and thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, of tutorials on meal planning and I read about 20 or 30 of them. The basic idea is the same. Once a week sit down and decide what you are going to cook the next […]

Family Meal Plan Printable - How to start a family meal plan | www.nomoredirtydishes.com

Family Meal Plan | NoMoreDirtyDishes.com

Family Meal Plan

The Family Meal Plan Now that I am on a diet for a week my body got a bit of a cleaning from all the junk and sugar I was eating and I finally have the energy and motivation to tackle the next project. I am finally ready to start […]

Dear Diet Diary #2

1 June 2016 Dear Diet Diary, The first day of diet is torture. Actually the first few days are. It takes some time for the body to adapt to the news. It is also a time of learning. During those first days you come to learn all that you have […]

Dear Diet Diary, no.2 | nomoredirtydishes.com

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How to feed your family 2

Eat This Not That I’m overwhelmed by the enormous amount of information about nutrition. Every day we are bombarded by something new. You should eat this but not that. And then a year later, no, eat that not this??? I want to shout “Can you all just please come to […]